David Farrier plans quirky news story

March 7, 2012

Journalist David Farrier announced yesterday that his next piece for 3 News’ Nightline would have an offbeat, yet “fun” feel to it – a theme the 29-year-old said he enjoys exploring very much.

“I’ve always loved talking to subjects that are a bit wacky and quirky, and this next piece I’m doing for the news will really highlight that,” Farrier told The Pigeon, adding he also likes finding news stories that are funky, odd, goofy, off-the-wall, whimsical and kooky.

“I’m quite positive about the project, as I’ve already found some potential subjects by searching through animal videos on YouTube today. It’s just a matter of who I can get in touch with really.”

While it is still not known whom Farrier plans to talk to exactly, fans have been leaked clues about the news story via the journalist’s Twitter page.

At 10.03 this morning Farrier tweeted that a new video of a dog in New Zealand who can dance salsa and eat pancakes has inspired him to “new creative heights”.

“And who doesn’t love pancakes?” he added.

Fellow Nightline journalist Sacha McNeil said she is thrilled to see what Farrier comes up with.

“When we heard it would be something kind of oddball the whole newsroom really got excited,” she said. “I’m just hoping it involves animals and not video game nerds.”

Farrier has revealed he will be wearing a long-sleeved, blue, check shirt for the story and perhaps even reading his 3 News sign-off in a “nutty” voice.

“I’ve been working on a lot of different pitches and inflections for the sign-off,” he said. “It’s not as easy as people might think – it’s an art form.”

Farrier had even considered switching around his sign-off to read “News 3” instead of “3 News”, but ultimately decided that would be “taking it too far”.

The news piece will air on Nightline after other, much less wacky stories.



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